In Their Cups
Published October 2010 | 128 pages

In Their Cups

An Anthology Of Poems About Drinking Places, Drinks, And Drinkers

To drink is to share singular moments, each a mirror of past moments, and to become part of a grand legacy of people who laugh and sing and whisper with glass in hand. A good drink enlivens the mind. It makes us want to talk, and, on occasion, to write. The anthology In Their Cups: Poems About Drinking Places, Drinks, and Drinkers is A.J. Rathbun’s masterful collection of the world’s best drinking poems, from classics to fresh new marvels. It’s a cocktail party where poets from throughout the centuries gather around the bar to spin stories, odes, and songs of sorrow and happiness, surrounded by bottles, ice, you, and your friends. In Their Cups includes poetry from A.J. Rathbun, Henry Aldrich, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Guillaume Apollinaire, Emily Bedard, Bridget Bell, Allen Braden, Henry Carey, Richard Carr, Catullus, John Clare, Jaime Curl, Emily Dickinson, Philip Dow, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Stephen Dunn, Amy Fleury, Philip Freneau, Du Fu, Thomas Godfrey, Jeff Greer, James Gurley, Mark Halliday, Robert Herrick, Charles Fenno Hoffman, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Elizabeth Hughey, Richard Hugo, Christopher Janke, Jonathan Jonson, John Keats, J. Robert Lennon, John Lyly, William Maginn, Tod Marshall, Robert Hinkley Messinger, Dan Morris, Joseph O’Leary, William Olsen, Cesare Pavese, Li Po, Francesco Redi, Arthur Rimbaud, Ed Skoog, Gerald Stern, George Walter Thornbury, Chase Twichell, and Royall Tyler.

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