Luscious Liqueurs
Published August 2008 | 96 pages

Luscious Liqueurs

50 Recipes For Sublime And Spirited Infusions To Sip And Savor (50 Series)

In this collection of 50 easy recipes, illustrated with gorgeous color photos, master mixologist A.J. Rathbun shows readers how to create their own liqueurs – infusions that meld liquor with fruit, herbs, and spices – for any occasion. Chapters include citrus mixes such as Limoncello and Mandarino; fruit flavors such as A Fair Pear; nutty/spicy liqueurs such as Anisetter and Basil Grappa; exotic mixtures such as Persephonia; and sweet treats such as Mocha Cream. The introduction covers all the basic rules, tips, and necessary tools, as well as information on gift-giving, storing, and packaging, and cocktail suggestions.

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