September 4, 2009

Because Some Days Deserve the Champagne of Beers

It could be said that this is the last day of summer (the Friday before Labor Day and all), the last day when, at least out here in Seattle W-A, the sun is still shining brightly and the backyard is still calling out to be sat within and relaxed within and shirtsleeves are still just dandy as attire (with pants, or without, your call), and while there might be a small bit of chill in the air, it’s possible in that summertime way to ignore it (cause really, isn’t summer about ignoring responsibility? Being more grasshopper than ant?). That’s today folks, and on a day like today, though I might sing the praises of high-falooting cocktails, and might even have one later, what I really feel like on a day like today is a cold bottle of Miller High Life. Probably I feel that way cause my old pal and serious bartending angel Joel Meister and I used to drink them like water throughout the summertime months when we were a bit younger–heck, we never had a fridge from late May through August that didn’t contain at least two bottles in it no matter the hour of the day for emergencies–and those were good, memorable months that embodied that whole recklessly lovely tipsy-ness that is summer. What’s all this shake up to? Me giving out a toast to everyone celebrating that last day of summer, a toast in the form of the one and only Champagne of Beers, a toast to you. Drink up pals, and hold on to that summer sun as long as possible.


Andrew said:

whenever i drink drink 6 beers, that is my beer of choice

leslie said:

It is also great in the Beer Conditioner
…if you need an upgrade!

Jon said:

In honor of this entry I enjoyed “The Champagne of Beers” whilst badmintoning last Saturday. And yes, I played with a racquet in one hand, High Life in the other. . . So long summer!

Jon said:

AND I continued the trend last night at the Pokey LaFarge show! Hoo-ray!

admin said:

Dang, Badminton double-fisting and Pokey LaFarge with the MHL? Sholly, you’re living right. Though what is a Pokey LaFarge?

And the Beer Conditioner is choice Leslie–I’d take one right now.

Andrew, I hope you’re drunk right now.

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