February 16, 2010

When Flying Was Cool with Old Crow

Here’s the problem, today (one of many, but hey, I don’t have that much time, as drinks are waiting for me somewhere). You want to fly safely, and avoid dangerous situations, but you also want to bring your booze on the trip, because everything is better with it (even being stuck next to that smelly guy that has to lean on you in the crowded coach section). With that said, I think there should be an addendum in aviation security that allows you to carry on a suitcase with one of these genius flat Old Crow Traveler bottles built in (see below ad for example)–as long as you’ll take a drink from it before boarding. Of course, Old Crow will have to bring these (genius, again, I say) bottles. But we can start a petition. I know my pal Jeremy Holt (author of Double Take, the world’s best cookbook, by the way) is in. And my man Ed Skoog (author of Mister Skylight, the world’s best poetry collection). And my comrade Dr. Gonzo (writer and director of Battleship!Battleship!Battleship!, the world’s best film about competitive Battleship playing). All of who are travelers. What about you? Let’s get this airline party started, like in the below ad (which, to be nostalgic, points to a better time. For flying at least).

DrGonzo said:

Unfortunately, for the aforementioned trio, a fifth of anything won’t last past the security gates. Bring on the homewrecker attache’. That, I can get behind (and in front of).

phismi said:

I know the cutaway is just for illustrative purposes, but I’m going to pretend that this cat loves his Old Crow so much that he had a suitcase designed and built just to show off his love of hooch.

And you know he lied when he told that stewardess* he would call.

*In this context, can she be anything but?

admin said:

The homewrecker attache’ is a fantastic idea. And you’re right, for you three, there’d need to be a little keg o’ booze that fit in a suitcase.

And Phi, back then stewardesses were “stewdardesses” if you know what I mean. And I want a suitcase just like that.

Sean said:

I was cleaning out my grandfather’s basement and found an Old Crow Travelers Fifth, unopened. I’m trying to find an original ad like this to frame and make a display out of it. Any ideas where to find one?

admin said:

Hey Sean-
I found the one I scanned for this post in the August 1967 issue of Playboy (old Playboys are fantastic for old liqueur/booze ads). I’m guessing it’d probably be in other issues that year, too, as well as other male-oriented mags from that year. Good luck (and nice find on the fifth).


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