December 8, 2010

Cocktail Talk: A Coffin for Dimitrios

Isn’t the name here ominous? Well, the book, by Eric Ambler, is less so, though Dimitrios is a rough character. This mystery-international-intrigue novel actually isn’t as cliff-hanger-ish as it wants to be, but it does globe trot across some interesting southern-European, Northern African, Easter European locales, and they drink it up somewhat along the way, which I have no problem with—heck, I don’t even have too much problem with the lack of mystery, as long the scenery is so jumping. Here are two quotes that round out this book’s particular bar:

‘Will you have a drink?’ said Latner. The Russian’s eyes flickered open and he looked round like a man regaining consciousness. He said: ‘If you like. I will have an absinthe please. Avec de la glace*.’

She had had a Mandarine Curaçao in front of her and now she had drunk it down thirstily. Latiner had cleared his throat.


A Coffin for Dimitrios, Eric Ambler


*If you wondered, this means “with some ice.”

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