July 13, 2012

Cocktail Talk: Honey In His Mouth

First, happy Friday the 13th. Live it up, walk under ladders, toss salt. And then go read some Doc Savage. Or some of Honey In His Mouth. Both of which were written by a guy named Lester Dent. The latter, which I’ll be quoting from once I stop rambling around, features a protagonist that’s nowhere near a superhuman scientist and adventurer. But, said protagonist does look identical to an almost-deposed South American dictator. And so a book is born (the book in this case of course called Honey In His Mouth). In the book, there’s a lady with the pulpy name of Vera Sue. She’s just what you’d think, except that she has a jones for Benedictine. Which leads to this awesome quote:

‘Kiss me honey.’

She kissed him and he discovered her mouth tasted of eight-dollar-a-bottle Benedictine. So she had gotten her hands on more than just what it took to buy the new dress and the new hat. The Benedictine was a giveaway, because on special occasions she would buy a bottle and carry it around in her purse and nip at it. He suspected that someone had told her Benedictine was the liqueur of quality folks, but had neglected to tell her it was supposed to be sipped out of thimble-sized glasses after dinner.

–Lester Dent, Honey In His Mouth

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