February 21, 2014

What I’m Drinking: Bourbon and Coke

This one’s in honor of my grandmother, Gertrude Middendorf, who sadly passed away not too long ago. She was a pretty swell lady, who played a mean hand of cards, made delicious macaroni and cheese, read a lot, traveled a lot, got feisty and had fun a lot, and drank her fair share (and maybe a bit more) of bourbon and cokes. I’m not usually a bourbon and coke drinker myself, but I made one to toast her with, and it tasted darn good. I used Woodinville Whiskey Co. bourbon, cause she always liked Seattle (even though mostly living in KS), and Mexican coke, cause regular coke just isn’t a good. So, grandma, this one’s for you.


Bourbon and Coke

Ice cubes
2 ounces Woodinville Whiskey Co. bourbon
4 ounces coke

1. Fill an Old Fashioned or related glass with a bit of ice. Add the bourbon, then the coke, then stir slowly, remembering all the good drinkers who’ve moved on to the big bar in the sky.

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