March 1, 2016

Cocktail Talk: The Education of Henry Adams

I know many of the Cocktail Talk posts here (at least 89.6%) follow along one or two lines. Either a pulp-hardboiled-detective-murderous-noir selection, or a Trollope selection, with the occasionally Dickens thrown in for good measure. Sure, there are some others, but I usually run my routes with precision. But once in awhile, we need to shake things up. Combine that with the fact that I was doing an event not long ago and about half of the folks there had never had absinthe, and, well, we end up with the below quote which I love from the famous politician, historian, and journalist:

One’s emotions in Rome were one’s private affair, like one’s glass of absinthe before dinner in the Palais Royal.

Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams

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