July 14, 2023

What I’m Drinking: Casatera Coconut

Casatera Coconut hard seltzer

Earlier this year (this year as I type being 2023, in case you’re reading this from the far future or something), I was lucky enough to get to write an article on the whole ready-to-drink explosion happening currently – if the RTD phrasing hasn’t hit your ears yet, I’m talking canned and bottled and whatevered premade cocktails (hard seltzer fits in, too, though I only touched on it briefly in said article, as I’m, and it was, more cocktail). Oh, I wrote said article for the scrumptious Sip magazine (visit Sip and look for the 2023 Annual Collector’s Edition, if you want to read it). Anyway, weirdly enough, having nothing to do with that particular article, I received some cans of Casatera in the mail recently. All of which has been rambled through so I could say: coincidence is neat and the universe does interesting things, which have led to me being about to enjoy a cold Casatera on this summertime Friday.

Specifically, Casatera Coconut! I didn’t know much about this tequila-based seltzer-y bubbly canned brand until this summer, and thinking you might not either, let me give you a little background. Casatera has zero sugar, carbs, gluten and artificial flavors or sweeteners, uses actual tequila from an actual real award-winning Mexican distillery, and boasts a robust 7% ABV. There’s a whole host of flavors now available, including the original trio of Lime, Grapefruit, and Strawberry, and the new sibs Mango, Pineapple, Passionfruit, and Coconut.

I have to step in for honesty’s sake (if one can’t be honest, even with booze, well, what’s the world coming to?), and admit to not having fallen in overall love with the hard seltzer movement. Not that I haven’t tasted some decent ones. But many just don’t have the flavor umph I’m looking for. Casatera, for me, definitely rises up to the upper regions of those I’ve tasted. For one, that 7% kick of real tequila is smoochy. You get a nice tequila essence and ripple, along with an overall crisp clean lightness that’s ideal on a hot day. And, that chemical echo many of the lesser RTDs come accompanied by isn’t in evidence. Would a little more Coconut or Passionfruit (my favorites) or whatever punch be good for me? Sure! But I understand that many want to keep it lighter and stripped back. When the Mercury’s risen, who can blame them? I did find I dug the Casatera best with a smidge of fresh citrus, but that’s personal preference. And have enjoyed – and will continue such – both over ice and right from the can. You be you, and stay cool!

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