August 27, 2013

Cocktail Talk: Gemini

pocket-book-mysteriesI have to admit – I don’t know a whole lot about G.B. Stern. She (full name: Gladys Bronwyn Stern) was a British writer, who wrote a whole lot of things, including a short story called Gemini, which was printed in The Pocket Book of Mystery Stories from 1940. That collection is pretty swell, if you ever come across it, with a wide range of stories and (as the back cover lets us know), “Gasps and Ghosts Galore!” But only one story has slivovitz in it, and that’s the one by G.B. Stern.

I was going to mix the cocktails and have them ready, just before any of you turned up, when it struck me that I might invent a new one with a strain of slivovitz in it.

—G.B. Stern, The Pocket Book of Mystery Stories

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