August 6, 2008

Opening Round

Hello cocktail lovers, highball hitters, long-tall sippers, and, of course, punch cup plunders, and welcome to my blog, Spiked Punch. My plan is to make it a drinking and entertaining (well, let’s hope) blog, that’ll feature recipes, cocktail art, cocktail videos (of the silly and straightforward varieties), quotes about drinking, drinks, soirées, and box socialing, stories, and other conversational imbibable (and maybe a little edible) delights–a number of ingredients that play well together, like a good punch. As well as links to other blogs that fall into the same liquid and edible realm, because there are many, many great blogs like that out there. Which is one of the main reasons I wanted to start my own blog–I wanna be a part of the great drinker’s blogosphere. It’s a fun place to hang out, and now I get to be in the party. Hopefully this blog will be updated on a semi-regular basis, and (even more hopefully), you’ll come back, comment, and then I’ll get to sit at this virtual bar with you and sip and talk and sip. That sounds lovely to me. Cheers.

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