November 19, 2008

Cocktail Talk: The Four Fists

The Four Fists is a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which generally retells the narrative (in a few key scenes) of one character’s (Samuel Meredith) life. The scenes, as you might guess from the title, all revolve around times when he was punched in the nose. And then afterwards learned something from said punching that made him a better person. Don’t think I’m advocating violence as a solution here (I’m a drinker, not a fighter), but the quote below seemed to go so well with my fall highball-ish Hour Glass below that it seemed apropos. There are lots of good swilling moments in Mr. Fitzgerald’s stories (those jazz agers and floppers loved the cocktails and bubbly, bless ‘em all), so expect more Cocktail Talk from him later.


“He played football in the autumn, drank highballs in the winter; and rowed in the spring. Samuel despised all those who were merely sportsmen without being gentlemen, or merely gentlemen without being sportsmen.”


— F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Four Fists”

jenny said:


I adore seasonal drinking AND fitzgerald. Thank you for posting that lovely quote. I need to know what to drink for Thanksgiving, so I will be back!

Anne @ Pink Galoshes said:

Thank you so much for posting! I mean what goes better with Fitzgerald than a cocktail. Such a great little tidbit to share with guests.

admin said:

Anne, thanks so much for noticing. And if you’re sharing quotes like this and cocktails with guest at parties, I’m betting you’re throwing very memorable ones indeed.

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