November 21, 2008

Friday Fête: Two Drinks

Just two to make it through the weekend with (well, two plus the gazillion others you can get to via the links on the right and the electric byways of the web), but two fantastic mixes (and, by the way, let me officially blame my day job for only having two).

  • Jasper’s Jamaican Cocktail: There’s actually a recipe for the Lion’s Tale in this post from the mysterious and awfully artful Dr. Bamboo, as well as the jumping Jasper’s Jamaican Cocktail, so it’s really bringing the Friday total up to three. Both of these tasty tastes utilize St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, which I’ve been enjoying lots–you should, too.
  • Greenbriar Cocktail: From the Underhill Lounge, where you’ll find one of the most dedicated bar-writing-and-sipping ideas of all time: going through the Savoy Cocktail Book one drink at a time. That’s just out-of-sight amazing. Sort of like this drink, which uses sherry, dry vermouth, mint, and peach bitters. Really.

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