November 7, 2008

Friday Fête: Three Drinks

Don’t while away your weekend with uninspired cocktails–take a gander at the three options below from the blogosphere and drink the weekend up in happy fashion. And quit saying I never steered you in a positive direction.


White Lady: The recipe is about three-quarters into (so keep reading–not that you’ll wanna stop once you start) an in-depth and worthy post called “Eggy Weggies,” in which Andrew from Cask Strength details why eggs are so darn great in drinks, and why you should be using them more. And I say “amen” to that.


Our Man In Havana: Found on A Mountain of Crushed Ice (which is one of the best blog names ever), down aways in another in-depth and fully worthy post (about Havana Club rums—this must be my Friday for enjoying the in-depth, fun posts), this drink not only boasts an amazing taste, but shares a name with a Graham Greene book I love (the name was suggested by, as the post says, Jeffrey Morgenthaler). That’s kismet y’all.


Brandy Milk Punch: After all the Friday and Saturday effing and jeffing (and I mean that in the best way), it’s nice to have a Sunday morning liquid pal to return to center with, which is what Married with Dinner offers in this dreamy recipe. Wow, I love a good milk punch. If you don’t, then (well, first, I feel for you) just sleep it off until Monday.

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