June 1, 2009

Cats Drinking–An Epidemic?

First it was Luke below, passed out after a night with Good Spirits. Now it’s Bunnie (the kitten of rockin’-pals-and-blog-readin’-stalwarts Nicole and Jon), hitting the bottles once the parents had passed out from too many Valencias (word was that Bunnie was sipping the High Life first, then moved on to the Bud). What feline is next to take a turn into boozing? You tell me. And, for that matter, aren’t there any drinking dogs out there? Dogs are going to get a bad name soon, stuck in line at the bar behind all these cats. And what about drinking lamas? Pet ocelots stealing into the scotch? Don’t get me started on the helper monkeys and gin. Cause that action’s rampant.




Jon said:

The sad news is that Bunnie had the scoots last night. I guess we may have to curtail the kitty drinking as best as we can. She IS rather devious though!

leslie said:

Keyboard Cat would totally play him off if he drinks to much!

Susan Fero said:

A Great post on Pets here dude, I own a cute little puppy and she is the best of all.. Takes me to the olden times when she used to be so small she used to fit in my palm 🙂

Alicia said:

Pets Pets and its always about Pets, Things were not the same for me 1 year ago, I had a broken relationship and needed something to active charge my life, I got a cute little puppy and I must say she changed me ( THough housebreaking her was a Pain ) 🙂 Great Post! Thanks

Steve Stevenson said:

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