May 26, 2009

Cutest Cat-and-Good-Spirits-Photo-Ever

See, even cats fall asleep when reading my books–it’s not just you (hopefully you after a passel of drinks). Really, though, this is perhaps my favorite book-in-action photo, until you send me yours, of course. It’s from my from-the-way-back-but-still-in-touch-with pal Kristine Moore, and the cat model is her very own Luke. She was picking out recipes from Good Spirits to whip together for some fabulous party, and Luke was helping, and then all that booze talk was making him sleepy, and so he conked out with the closest pillow at hand. Pretty darn cute and then some.


Becca said:

Adorable!!! Aw, what a cutie. Still– prefer dogs, but that’s just me.

Your comment about “picking out recipes from GS for a fabulous party” reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to tell you: your sangria recipe in GS has become my go-to, vat of deliciousness drink recipe for the past two years. Initially, I made a few gallons of it for my annual Cinco de Mayo party– but it’s recently become “hey, we have a lot of people coming over. We need to booze them… LET’S MAKE AJ’S SANGRIA!” By far the best sangria I’ve ever had. And I consider myself somewhat of a sangria connoisseur. There is no point to this comment except to tell you that. 🙂 Ciao!

leslie said:


Nicole Sholly said:

Makes up for the meat pics. Totally.

Jon served up the Valencia over the weekend (okay that’s from a different book), and we’re still recovering. Super tasty! Did Jon send you the pictures of Bunnie boozin’ it up? She doesn’t bother with the books, just goes straight for the bottles.

admin said:

Well, Becca, I probably prefer dogs too (as most know–though that kitten is darn cute). I’m stoked you love the Sangria, and that’s it’s a go-to (go-to’s are good to have around. It’s a big family favorite over here as well–my sister even makes it for the moms at my nephew’s baseball games. But I don’t think I’ve ever had a sangria connoisseur tell me they love it before. So, that’s awesome.

Leslie–maybe a pic of Humphrey sleeping on GS would be cute, too?

And for that matter, Nicole, I totally want to see the pics of Bunnie boozing it up. Send then to me now. Rory is like that too, always licking the liquor. And I’m glad I balanced out the meat (I noticed you never said anything about the pig. Which is for the best), and am loving that you loved the Valencia. Yay!

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