September 18, 2009

Chow Tip #2: What Ice is Nice

Following up on my Chow tip-a-thon started below, here’s a second tip to take you into your weekend (the urge to write “don’t take any wooden nickels” is almost unbearable. Like being chased by a big cliché bear through a forest of old carneys. Or something like that), a tip where I talk about ice, which is probably important for every single weekend. But really, the main reason to watch this clip (outside of the pure beauty of it, thanks for which goes to the Chow folks themselves, cause they are the awesomeness) is for the close up of my Pug muddle smacking that ice around. It’s made of Mexican rosewood (also called bocote) and is the best muddler in the world. Gawd, it’s so lovely I sometimes sleep with it under my pillow so I have good muddling dreams. If you don’t have a Pug muddler, then I suggest you get one, though it won’t be as cool as mine, it may be the second best muddle in the world. Just email the friendly Chris Gallagher, who makes them all by hand, at jcgallagher08 at hotmail dot com. Now, as Iceman would say, “Ice On!” (Okay, he probably never said that. But should have).

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