September 15, 2009

Chow Tip #1: Shaking Instructions in 41 Seconds or Less

Down the blog calendar a bit, I talked about going to sweet ol’ San Francisco and shooting some drinking and drink-making tips with the rockingily rocking folks at, specifically pal Meredith and cool camera jockey Blake Smith. They were so pro (and so good at things like editing and putting lots of Vaseline on the lens) that they made me look pretty shiny, at least in this first tip that I’ve seen. It’s called “What’s the Right Way to Shake a Cocktail,” and it’s all my opinion, so if you agree, that’s okay (as long as your way still delivers me a chilly mix with a smile). But how will you know if you don’t watch it? So, you’d better watch it. And make upload it to your facebooker friends or whatever it is you kids do. Oh, and check out my rad bracelet Sookie gave me for my birthday a while back. I am hard core.

PS: I think there are 5? 6? tips total (hey, they were drink tips, and I got a little hazy near the end–who knows what they filmed me doing), so come back to see more.

Meredith Arthur said:

Nothing says, “Drink me” like a well-shaken drink from the gentleman and scholar AJ Rathbun. How much did I learn from him on our short afternoon of shooting together? So much, so much. Now if I could just get un-pregnant soon enough to get to make some of these drinks myself…

Meredith of CHOW

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