December 4, 2009

Talking Holiday Parties with The City Cook

City-cook It’s not only the holiday season, but the holiday party season, and everyone wants their party to shine like a star in the party universe, outshining all others. With this in mind, let me point you to a recent interview I did with the fantastic website The City Cook, talking about seasonal soirées and how to make your party bring the goodness to the masses of goodness-needing party-goers. The interview hits on party planning, glassware, snacks, shopping, and much more (including Keats, cause really, what’s a holiday party without Keats? Pretty sad, is what). Since The City Cook is the “ultimate guide for pathetically busy, space-compromised urban dwellers who prefer to cook at home,” there is also a focus on having a party in a smaller space–and, I believe there is no reason not to host a happening holiday bash if you live in an apartment or condo or closet-under-the-stairs. So head on over to The City Cook to read the holiday party details and get ready to have people singing your party praises this season. And while you’re there,  check out some of the site’s tasty recipes, helpful hints, shopping advice, and fun podcasts (just don’t spend so much time there you forget to plan buy the booze for your own party).

PS: Yes, I also posted about this on the other blog I post for sometimes when I’m posting. And yes it is the holiday season–so spare me some cheer, and don’t frown about the double posting.

Becca said:

Saw this! Great article/interview AJ! I, naturally, loved your closing with the Keats poem. Perfection!

admin said:

It’s awesome when dropping the Keats gets me props–also awesome to have such a literate blog reader. Or readers (if there are others out there that are at your level, that is).

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