December 1, 2009

I Saved My Cranberry Sauce and the Gizmo Ruled

Hopefully you read the below post about saving up cranberry sauce. If not, well, you’re crying now. And since we’re communicating via the interweb, I can’t hand you a tissue. But I can show you a lovely picture of my lovely Gizmo, which I made with Bluecoat gin (I love the Aviation which was pictured below, but at the last minute I switched, because the Bluecoat seemed to tie in well not only flavorly, but also thematically, which is important, right?), my sister’s homemade cranberry sauce, and simple syrup, following up the mastermind Jeremy Holt’s recipe as detailed below. And yes, I’ve linked to the below post three times. Now, one more note: this doesn’t have to be just for Thanksgiving. Give the cranberry sauce love room to breathe at other times, too–but just remember, save some for your Gizmo.


phismi said:

I’m wondering about the provenance of that name. I can only guess it’s a play on “cosmo” and something to do with turkey gizzards. Yes? No?

Either way, I would totally drink this.

admin said:

You know, that’s a good question. I was always thinking of the movie Gremlins, which is a holiday movie, and which is a movie with a surprising amount of blood–and it’s a red drink. But man, I love that movie, so I could be all wrong. I’ll ask the Husky Boy to weigh in.

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