August 30, 2012

Book In Action Photo: Dark Spirits in Good Company

I was over at some friends the other night (and yeah, for those smart-mouth readers, I do have some friends. Well, at least my wife does) for a little birthday party—Michael’s birthday, if you demand specifics. The party was at his and his wife Heidi’s house, and they’re fine folks, the best kind of bon vivants in that they like the good food and drink but don’t get fussy about it. Anyway, the cocktails were getting made, and so I was peeking around their liquor shelves (cause that’s what I sometimes do, just in a roundabout and not a creepy way), and guess what I saw? A copy of Dark Spirits, tucked in right tight between a copy of the beauteous Bitters by swell Brad Parsons and legendary The Savoy Cocktail Book, by swell Harry Craddock (the latter “swell” I’m taking on hope, as he was gone before I was here. The former I know for a fact). Now, that’s all kinds of awesome.


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