January 13, 2015

Cocktail Talk: The Moving Toyshop

moving-toyshopNot long ago, I had a Cocktail Talk post talking about Edmund Crispin’s The Case of the Gilded Fly, and how I hadn’t read anything by him, an honest post I must say (sometimes it’s hard to admit things). Since then, I’ve read a second book by Mr. Crispin, another starring his literary (but action-oriented) sleuth Gervase Ven, a book called The Moving Toyshop. I liked it even more! It’s fairly madcap in a way, but still has a good mystery along under the motion, and the below fun drinky quote.

‘My dear Anthony, how delightful to see you,” said Mr. Barnaby with pleasure. ‘I’m sorry there are all these frightful gymnasts about, but they simply invited themselves. What will you have to drink?’

‘What is that that Charles is drinking?’

‘Oh ether and milk, or some terrible chemical affair of that sort. But you know Charles. The poor dear cannot be made to realize that the romantic decadence is over. He still writes verses about affreuses juices and things. How about some Madeira?’

–Edmund Crispin, The Moving Toyshop

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