July 11, 2023

Cocktail Talk: Wall of Eyes

Wall of Eyes

Have you ever started a book and thought “well, not sure I’m completely into this book, it’s not so bad, but I don’t really like the characters, and it’s not completely grabbing me,” and then kept reading anyway cause you have hope, and then all-of-a-sudden you find yourself unable to put it down? Well, that very sich happened to me recently with a book called Wall of Eyes, by Margaret Miller. I was saying to myself, “I can’t even stand the slightly quirky policeperson, Inspector Sands,” and nearly put the book down, but the cover is so good! And I had faith! And it was rewarded, as the book took a turn, focusing more on a wayward club manager, and then folding the Inspector back in interestingly, and then blam! A good solid twisty ending. I hear there’s a second Inspector Sands book, and might just try to track it down. Oh, the below Cocktail Talk quote was a good one, too.

“Johnny?” Alice said. “Have some?”

“Thanks. Maurice forgot the Cognac. I’ll ring.”

“I thought you’d be going teetotal,” Philip said.

“Me?” Johnny stared. “Why?”

“The new girl disapproves, doesn’t she?”

“Oh. Yes, she does. But you wouldn’t think she’d count a couple of drops of Cognac in coffee.”

“T.T.’s count everything.”

“Is that right?” Johnny said.

–Margaret Miller, Wall of Eyes

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