July 10, 2012

Two Delicious Drink Photos

So, I don’t just write about cocktails, drinks, distilleries, beer, booze, drinkers, drunks, and all that. Not that I don’t like to write about all of the above (and more!), but I like a little balance, too. Which means I have a day job (where I fight zombies, among other things). Which you might think isn’t fun, but let me clear your befuddled mind. See, I work with folks in the daytime who may not make drinks for a living, but who make damn fine drinks–and then sometimes take damn fine pictures of said drinks. Exhibits A and B are below. The first was made and taken by pal and co-worker Emi, and is a Raspberry Gin Fizz:

The next is a Mai Tai with lovely float of dark rum, with the drink made and photographed by pal and co-worker Lorie:

Now, those are some talented home-bartenders I get to work with from the 9 to 5. And yeah, you should be jealous.

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