January 22, 2013

Cocktail Talk: Hawaii Five-O

I’ve never been to Hawaii. I want to go, at some point, to visit some of the classic Tiki bars still there, but hey, there are only so many moments in day. And, as Jack Lord isn’t there anymore (by the way, I realize there is some new Jack Lord, but he’s a fake), I don’t feel quite as driven to head to the island. Luckily, though, I have the book Hawaii Five-O (based on the real TV series, not the new fake one), and while I read it, it’s a bit like I am in Hawaii. And I’m there surrounded by one of the manliest men ever. Jack Lord.

His cotton shirt and green chino slacks had begun to cling to his skin. His mouth longed for a refreshing chilled pineapple drink. Or even a frozen daiquiri.


Mr. Silverkite and Karl Orlanski met in the cocktail lounge of the hotel. There was a glittering glass fish tank at the back of the bar. They had found a round table in a quiet corner. Lauhala placemats, made from the leaf of the pandanus tree, rested beneath their drinks. Mr. Silverkite was having a glass of papaya health juice. Orlanski was enjoying a Moscow Mule, forsaking all things Hawaiian.

Hawaii Five-O, Michael Avallone

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