November 15, 2013

Cocktail to Cocktail Hour V4, E4: The Trilby

Hello students of the cocktail, and welcome to another episode of the finest series on cocktails, drinking, and good times ever: The Cocktail to Cocktail Hour. In this episode, our favorite foreigner, Alastair Edwards, is back with another drinking problem, one I solve with the help of the Trilby Cocktail, a bit of an undiscovered treasure featuring Broker’s gin, Dolin dry vermouth, and crème Yvette.

PS: Special thanks to Natalie Fuller, Jeremy Holt, Beatrice Holt, Markie Butler – perhaps the finest actors this side of Stratford, and the wizardry of director Dr. Gonzo.


February 12, 2011

Cocktail to Cocktail Hour Episode Five, Natalie Fuller and the Princess

It’s a Valentine’s Special (though not just to be imbibed on that particular day, or watched) here on the Cocktail to Cocktail Hour, as wife Nat drops by the studios for a bit of charming banter as she teaches you how to make the Princess, a tall, delicious, limeoncello-backed number that’s ideal both for serving to that someone closest to you and for having every day when the heat’s risen. It’s a romantically bubbly episode of the new season of the show about cocktails and drinking and good times, the Good Spirits Cocktail to Cocktail Hour.


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