April 14, 2009

Cocktail Video: The Bishop

I just flew in from Italy (and boy are my arms tired–ba dump bump), and promise to post about Italian drinks and food and such soon when I get my sealegs back (not sure that last bit makes sense, but it is sure fun to say), but to tide you over and get this bloggy punch freshened again, I thought I’d show you my latest How2Heroes video (directed of course by the genius, Brad K, from Artificial Khaos). It demonstrates how to make the Bishop, which is featured in Wine Cocktails, a drink containing red wine, rum, lemon, and a kiss of sweetness. It’s a delicious refresher of a mix I must say, so hit that play button and then get shaking.

Nicole Sholly said:

Waiting for your return and a new blog entry made for two of the longest weeks of my life! Our copy of your new book arrived yesterday, and it’s beautiful. Haven’t had a chance yet to sample the tasties inside it, but we will do so soon. We promise.

Oh, and how was the trip?

admin said:

Ack, sorry for the long weeks (and thanks for being so darn swell). Glad the book make it, and that you like it–and hope you are sipping something from it right now.

The trip was lovely. It’s so hard to come back though (well, I did miss the dogs a lot, so it’s nice to be back to see them). I promise (as I said in the video post above this one) to post some photos from the trip, and info and stuff soon.

Happy Friday, too.

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