May 1, 2009

What I Wish I Was Drinking: Viparo

So, no big lengthy Italy post this afternoon (I have to get outside and enjoy the sun. Or do about 100 other things. Take your pick), but I do have one Italian gem to leave you with for your weekend (and a mission): Viparo. Viparo! Viparo? What is it? It’s an Italian amaro (the bitterish, to degrees, drinks you tend to have after dinner), one I’d never seen before this last trip. I found it in the little café, Lo Spaccio, which sits in the middle of San Leo Bastia, which is the little town we always stay near when in the Upper Tiber Valley countryside (which is one of the finest places on earth, in my opinion). Lo Spaccio not only has the usual Italian café amenities, coffees, drinks, pastries, Fonzies, friendly people, but also a tiny one aisle store in back. In that tiny store they have a better booze and wine selection than some liquor stores, and on the top shelf of that, my favorite section, I found a dusty bottle of Viparo when we were there this last time. On the sweeter side of the amaro family (but not too sweet), it had bitter tingles but also caramel overtones and herbal undertones, all mixed up in a deliciously dark package. Pretty much everyone with ended up loving it, and we put the bottle away without a problem–and then couldn’t find another bottle in Lo Spaccio, or even when Andyo and I went to all the booze counters in Florence. There’s a picture of it below (a bit blurry, but it was late, and dark, and I was weepy cause I’d just finished the last drop), and you now know the name (Viparo!), and the tagline is “Delizioso Aperitivo Tonico Digestivo” (which is really fitting, cause it can be consumed anytime and will cure what ails you), and so my mission to you is, if you ever see a bottle, buy it for me and I’ll pay for it, the shipping (if needed), and your next two three drinks! What a deal. Now go have a happy weekend. And find me some Viparo!

leslie said:

Man I love that label too and the hooch in side is pretty awesome!


Marquee Mark said:

Too much Viparo and you’ll make an asp of yourself.

Becca said:

AJ! First, so good to see you today! Fabulous pouring at tonight’s event as well. And B) Your trip to Italy sounds unbelievable! I was completely rapt. Those little pillows of ravioli look amazing… Bologna is definitely on the itinerary for my next Italy trip. And seriously, check out the newest issue of Saveur… if only for the essay on Basilicata and the recipe for authentic fettucine alfredo. Hope to see/talk to you again real soon!

admin said:

Mark, that’s the best comment ever. Ever.

Leslie, I still have that label (but now can’t remember where I put it).

Becca, thanks for making it to the blog. If you ever want to talk more Italy, just hollar. And, you’re the first HCPer to ever comment on the blog, so you should lord that to everyone in the office, and know that now you are my favorite HCPer. You rule!

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