June 26, 2009

Drinking Writer Alert: Ed Skoog and a Julep

I think writers tend to be drunks. Even those who don’t drink (such as Dangerous Dan Morris, who is drunk on life). Probably because it tends to keep them from talking too much, which might just endanger their existence. But this is just my theory. With that theory in mind though, or the end result of it (the drinking), I like to sometimes take pictures of writers imbibing, for posterity and in case I ever publish a paper on the subject. Below’s a good example, as you can see one of the finest writers, Ed Skoog, sipping a Mint Julep, before unleashing the power and glory at a poetry reading last night (also, he stalked the stage like a panther before starting in with the poetics, which was rad. The other readers should learn from his cat-like grace). You can see the typical marks of the drinking/drunk writer here: the deep look in the eyes that’s like a little sign hung up that says, “genius here,” the devotion to the act of consuming, the firm grip on the glass to keep any julep-stealers at bay. Yes, it’s a sweet (or, scary) sight. Watch for drinking writers yourself, and when you see one, take pictures and send them to me. Or, have a drink and do some writing. The choice, pals, is yours.




Kat said:

Dan is very much drunk on life.



p.s. So sad that I missed Ed’s reading.

phismi said:

I do hope Mr. Skoog removed the cocktail straws from his julep before he was blinded.

Becca said:

Question: is it possible to make a Basil Julep? Or is that an abomination? (Your comment about basil grappa got me to thinking… even though I’m a proud Italian girl, I just can’t stomach grappa, so I’m looking for alternatives.)

admin said:

Hmm, Becca, it’s probably possible, but is it advisable? I’m not sure. I think I would go with mixing basil and gin, as basil’s a lighter herb than mint, and so might get shoved around by the bourbon. Maybe just basil, gin, a little aperol (maybe? Or maybe just a touch of simple syrup), lots of ice, a touch of lemon? You should experiment and let me know, and I’ll do the same.

On the grappa–you need to try again. I hated it at first, but have come to love it. But the basil grappa in the Luscious Liqueurs adds a little sweetness too, so I’ll bet you’d dig the end results.


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