September 22, 2009

Chow Tip #3: This Time It’s Personally Shaking vs Stirring

Okay, all right, calm down–I promise at least one non-Chow tip post after this one, before another Chow tip post (though Schticker girl does seem to dig them, and that’s good enough for me to post more). But dang it, they’re so well done (bless the Chow people, goodly Chow people) I feel like shouting them out on the streetcorner. Since I can’t get away from my desk due to the shackle, and think that streetcorner shouters need serious beards and louder voices, I’m going to post them here instead. This post presents that age old debate: nature vs nurture. No, no, that’d be dullsville baby. It’s an even more momentous showdown: Shaking vs Stirring. Who wins and who whines? Well, you’ll have to watch it to see (but to give it away, the winner is you, and the whiner is the person not having a drink tonight).

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