April 14, 2010

Come Have a Drink with Me at IACP

The International Association of Culinary Professionals (an organization of which I am a card- carrying member) is having its annual hoo-haw this month in pretty Portland, OR, the latter part of the week of the 19th. You can read more about the whole conference here, but I want to specifically tell you about (in case you’re going to be there, or in Portland at all that weekend) a cosmically coolerific cocktail party that the happening heroes at Harvard Common Press are throwing that week, on Friday, the 23rd, from 4:30 to 7. The HCP is the press that has put out my little volumes of lore, and so I get to be at the party. And best of all (as if that wasn’t enough)? This wing-ding is at the Teardrop Lounge, Portland’s penultimate cocktail palace. And if that’s not enough? Other sweetheart HCP authors are going to be there (including high rollers Fred Thompson, Paul Abercrombie, Linda Ziedrich, and Karen Adler & Judith Fertig) and the party is co-hosted by the world’s bestest booziest magazine, Imbibe. Jiminy! I don’t know how I won’t burst from excitement. So, come on by, have that drink, say hello, and have that second drink. I’ll be happy to see you there.

Judith Klinger said:

Did someone say cocktail???
Sounds fabulous, and if someone can tell me what to do a massive bottle of rhum agricole, I’d be most obliged. I’m thinking it could double as paint thinner?
See you in Portland!

admin said:

See you in Portland. For the Rhm Agricole, let me point you to this article on serious eats by Paul Clarke:


I think his suggestion of something simple with lime juice and a sweetener is the right idea. Balance it out a bit.


phismi said:

Did someone say “jiminy”? Very Hardy Boys of you.

admin said:

I was thinking of going with “jiminy jilkers” but that seemed a bit much, as did “leaping liminy.” Of course, that’s not really a word either. But I like the Hardy Boys shout out–though I realize I was never the hunk Mr. Cassidy was.

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