August 19, 2014

Sidetrack Lemon Verbena Liqueur is Awesome

I’m a big fan of the local distillery scene here in Washington State (as any regular readers – the three of you – already know). And one of my favorite distilleries here is the Sidetrack Distillery, in Kent. They make award-winning fruit liqueurs using fruit grown on their farm, a lovely Nocino made with walnuts grown on their farm, and other tasty items – all using ingredients from their farm. Their latest is a must-taste-to-believe-how-amazing-it-is Lemon Verbena liqueur. Which I wrote about for Seattle magazine. You need to know more about this liqueur, trust me, so go read my Sidetrack Lemon Verbena liqueur article now.

August 12, 2014

Listen to Me on Happy Hour Radio (In Case You Missed It)

Holy awesomeness! If you didn’t know, I was recently lucky enough to be on the wonderful and wonderfully fun Happy Hour Radio here in Seattle (if you did miss it, you might want to follow me on the Twitter at @AJRathbun so you don’t miss the next one). It’s a swell show hosted by the friendly and knowledgeable (he’s like a sensei of a sommelier) Christopher Chan, which runs every Saturday from 11 AM to noon on 570 KVI AM. The episode I was on also featured Steve Metzler and Almudena de Llaguno from Classical Wines of Spain and Auction of Washington Wines Executive Director Aimee Sheridan – who were super great – and I made a Last Word in Kent and a Princess and talked up local spirits. So, not a show to miss, right? Lucky for you (we’re all lucky here), the show is archived and available, so you can listen to it whenever you want (maybe twice), or download it. Just go to this link: You’ll love it! And here’s the line-up visually, if you want to picture us as you listen:


August 5, 2014

Beer Cocktail It Up

Hello! I recently wrote an article on refreshing (as heck) beer cocktails that combine Seattle-and-WA-made spirits, liqueurs, and beers. It’s called Warm-Weather Cocktails Made with Local Beer, Spirits and Liqueurs as you might expect, and was written for the mighty-fine Seattle magazine. If you like beer, cocktails, spirits, liqueurs, refreshing drinks, entertaining your friends, entertaining yourself, enjoying a righteous libation, or reading anything I write (there has to be at least one person out there who feels this way), then this beer cocktail article is for you.

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PS: I am also the hand model in the photo. Hah!

July 29, 2014

Seattle Magazine Bar-Hopping: Bar Code, Hollywood Tavern, and Triumph

bars in bellevue barcode seattle magazine happy hour in bellevue seattleHello Seattle and surroundings drinkers! Here’s little round up just for you, of bars in the area I’ve recently reviewed for the swell Seattle Magazine (just in case you missed them). Drink up at:

•    BarCode

•    The Hollywood Tavern

•    Triumph Bar

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July 22, 2014

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch Up

Hello – it’s summertime, which means it’s the perfect time to sit on down with the old computer in one hand and a drink in the other and spend some time browsing some of my recent Seattle magazine posts you might have missed. Heck, you wouldn’t want to miss any of the below, right?

•    4 Drinks That Pair Perfectly with Summertime Books
•    New Local Spirits and Liqueurs to Try this Summer
•    4 Drinks for Golfing
•    4 Drinks to Have While Missing the Sonics
•    Seattle Happy Hours: A.J. Rathbun Picks Four of His Favorites

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July 8, 2014

Hey Seattle, Check Out Peat Week at Westland Distillery

If you know me (and you must, right?), you know I love local distilleries here in Washington. There’s such a range, both of types of distilleries and products and events around both. It’s a fantastic time to live here! As example A, take the fun smoky stuff happening at the awesome Westland Distillery this week. See, they bring in 150,000 pounds (wow, right?) of peated malt to the distillery every year, and then mash, ferment, and distill it to make whiskey that makes angels sing. This year, and this week, they’re celebrating the peated malt’s arrival with a week of free tours, single cask tastings, and extended hours, all culminating in a giant not-to-be-missed release party (you’ll need tickets for that one) on Saturday, the 12th –two peated single cask bottlings are being release. So, get on down to the distillery this week (and if you’re reading this from a locale outside of WA State, then get some tickets and fly on it). Learn even more at:


June 23, 2014

Hey Seattle, Come Make Shrubs with Kate Payne Tonight

hip-girlIf you’re in Seattle, tonight is your lucky night – Hip Girl Kate Payne is at local bookstore Book Larder showing all who stop by how to make strawberry shrubs from 6:30 to 8 pm. Shrubs are a bit of summertime awesomeness (and yes, Seattle does have summer) using fruit and vinegar and love to equal a fantastic beverage solo or mixed. But the shrubs aren’t all. She’s also going to talk about her new book, Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen, and probably be all sorts of charming. So, come on down, have that shrub.

June 17, 2014


Hello! Earlier, I wrote a little post about an event I did at Zinc Art + Interiors last Saturday. And the event was so awesome, I wanted to put up a couple snaps from it. First though, thanks to the wonderful Jesse and Laura and all the Zinc folks. They really do make the world fun:

zinc-1Saturday was certainly fun, as fine folks of all ages came by to look at art, taste some drinks, and have some laughs:

They had sweet stacks of books, too, right in front of where I was making the sips (with the help of Natalie – and the incredible Hulk and Batman paintings behind me):

Lots of folks came by, chatting about art, drinks, the news of the day, and comics:

Overall, it was a lovely evening, with good times (I believe) had by all the people who stopped by:

I certainly had a good time – thanks everybody!

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