June 8, 2010

Champale: Because You Can Afford It

Produced since 1939 (originally in New Jersey), Champale is a malt liquor. I’ve got not a stitch of a problem with that (and heck, the way today’s going, I’d take two bottles right now and drain them at a gulp and like it. Then burp a lot). But the whole “poor person’s Champagne” seems like a poor advertising scheme (really, can you talk down to your audience more?), especially when you have a talking bottle and a talking coupe-style Champagne glass (which was, as an aside, supposedly the style of glass created by taking impressions of Marie Antoinette’s breasts. Though, sadly, this may not be really true, it’s true to me). That pathetic fallacy-ing just freaks me out a touch, cause I see where this is going: the Champale is either going to tip the glass of Champagne over, or the Champagne is going to get all snotty and start speaking French. Nobody wins in this set-up.


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Natalie said:

bring on the champale…hale…do they make this stuff anymore?

phismi said:

Champale is the cocktail equivalent of wearing a tuxedo with white socks.

phismi said:

Also, found this on an auction site. No idea what it sold for, but it’s a little bit glorious.


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