September 9, 2014

There’s Still Time to Get The Cocktail Hour CD at Starbucks and Start Your Cocktail Party Right

cocktail-hour-2Hey friends, if you somehow missed it, the newest Starbucks CD is called The Cocktail Hour, and you need to get to your local and demand a copy (well, maybe just ask) today, unless you want your next cocktail party to fall flat. See, the CD features a host of sweet music that accompanies a well-made cocktail perfectly, songs that range from Ray Charles and Betty Carter singing Cocktails for Two to Eartha Kitt’s unmissable I Want To Be Evil. But the CD booklet is also gonna help your party along, as it is bubbling over with 11 drink recipes specially selected by me, and they go with the songs like gin goes with vermouth. The recipes include classics (like the Singapore Sling) and some newer mixes. Add the music and drinks together and your cocktail party is nearly set (in an awesome manner). Just grab some pals and go go go! So, head to a Starbucks and get your Cocktail Hour CD today!

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Mike said:

Love the CD and the recipes! Can’t wait to try ’em!!

juliet foulds walters said:

Can you still buy this CD. I Lost my original, and it was one of the best ever! Thank you
Juliet Walters\

    ajrathbun said:

    It is great — they did a dandy job picking swell songs. Sadly, I don’t know if it’s still available. As I was just brought in for drinks, it’s really a Starbucks thing. You might have to try them. Good luck!

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