August 13, 2012

Make Your Summer Life Good (With Cocktail-y-ness From a Sicilian Summer and People Power)

Who wouldn’t want to make their day or summer or life better (or gooder)? I mean, even if you’re walking on sunshine, walking on sunshine with a good drink is going to make it a more memorable experience (provided you don’t have too many and slip off the sunshine. But I digress). Which, if you follow along to a logical conclusion, means that every life could be better (or gooder). But how, you may ask me, how can that be possible? Well, one way to start might be with the Good Life Report. Just look at the name—it implies a life that’s good. Now, to take it up a notch, I’m gonna suggest that you look at two pieces I recently had in said Good Life Report: A Somewhat Sicilian Summer Cocktail Star and Give the Imbibable Power to the People. Both contain tasty drink recipes and words of making-life-better wisdom. Okay, that last bit is probably BS, but hey, at least the drinks are tasty, and could probably get you walking on sunshine. That’s enough of a thing to get you over there reading them, right? Right!

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