July 18, 2023

Cocktail Talk: Wall of Eyes Part II

Wall of Eyes

If you haven’t read Wall of Eyes Cocktail Talk Part I, then by all means, take the time to do so. In it, I talk a bit more about this book by Margaret Miller, and my feeling about it (and how they went through a metamorphosis of sorts while reading!), and talk about teetotal-ing definitions. But here’s something I didn’t mention there – the book takes place in Canada! Toronto, I think? I don’t want you to doubt my reading prowess, but I have to be honest – I didn’t completely realize the story was taking place northerly, until the below Cocktail Talk quote. I am very embarrassed. But at least I picked up on it when seeing the Molson product placement!

“I owe you a beer for flying off like that.”

He hadn’t had a drink all night. Maye that was why he’d acted so crazy all for nothing. Hitting a policeman –

“Thanks,” he said. “A beer would be swell.”

When they sat down the man looked across the table at Stevie and smiled sheepishly. “Well, what’ll it be?”


“Two Molson’s.”

–Margaret Miller, Wall of Eyes

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