November 3, 2009

Rockstars Love Dark Spirits

If you’re wondering, Dark Spirits likes the rock. Likes the metal, and the indie rock, the 70s flair, and the punk rock (natch). Dark Spirits (it’s sorta weird giving a book this personality, but in some ways sorta fun too, especially when it’s almost like it’s typing this now, talking about itself ala Bob Dole) especially likes the rock when the rockstars give it the faceout treatment in bookstores, so that all other books fall back behind its dark glory. This occurrence is shown in photographic full color in the picture below, as the hand holding Dark Spirits belongs to none other than Ron Lewis, the rock madman known not only as Ghost Stories but also as a member of the Fruit Bats (whose new album, Ruminant Band, is awfully good). He was in LA recently doing some TV work (as rockstars do), and shopping for books (ditto), and saw the Dark Spirits and gave it a high-five and the above-mentioned shelf faceout. Thanks Ron, from both Dark Spirits and me. You rockstars are all right.


Nicole Sholly said:

I’m no rockstar, but I can rock the Dark Spirits face-out, and I’m leaving work to go do it in my local bookstore right now.

admin said:

Well, little lady, I’m waiting for the picture? Really, a series of pics of you and Mr. Jon going bookstore to bookstore and facing out Dark Spirits would be pretty rockstarish I think. Especially if some were in bookstores that didn’t even have copies (religious bookstores or fishing bookstores).

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