October 27, 2009

The Warlock Cocktail: Get Spooky this Halloween

Though this is Halloween week, making it the ideal time of year for a ghoulishly good (gawd, it’s fun to get yr Halloween speak on) mix like the Warlock, it really brings a magical charm to any evening. Well, any evening that you’re feeling like a yummily mystical mixture of brandy, Strega, limoncello, orange juice, and Peychaud’s bitters (which should really be any evening, now that I think about it). Click on through to the below video and learn the exact tricks to making it, but be warned!!! It can change you into a conjuring zombie. But now you know.

phismi said:

Now that I am here I feel like I have to admit to wanting a drink called the “Adam Warlock.” And that isn’t the nerdiest thing on this page.

admin said:

Hah, it’s nowhere near the nerdiest. And, funny enough (or, completely expected), in the header for this drink in the book, I do, indeed reference Adam Warlock (and admit I know he was once just called “Him”). Between us, I use to love the Adam stories in the back of the Silver Surfer reprints. Fun stuff.

Jon said:

Holy crapamole, that ending was fully, and completely awe inspiring! And the drink looks groovy too!

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