August 20, 2010

Old Hickory, Part 2, Experimenting Partier

This is the second in our series of Old Hickory ads (for the first, look below, or click this Old Hickey link), where Old Hickory decided one month after being more in the lineage of Lincoln (thanks Nicole for showing me that, um, obvious connection) that they wanted to become a bit more in the lineage of Leary. But use exactly the same graphics. So c’mon, join the trip, man (and woman).



Jon Sholly said:

It’s official. . . I’m on the hunt for the Old Hickory (Old Hick?) after work.

admin said:

I think if they would have called it “Old Hick” it might have made it until today. But pally, I think it hasn’t. But go on the hunt for it anyway, just take a bottle of another bourbon with you, just in case the hunt is a long one, involving time machines. There’s no need to be thirsty while hunting.

Jon Sholly said:

I kinda figured it was a long shot. Ah well, I guess I’ll have to get us some Pappy Van Winkle or something.

admin said:

Pappy’ll do you more than right. But I still think you should roll over to a bunch of liquor stores and start yelling about how you want your Old Hick, and ain’t leaving until you get some. Just be sure to wear some crazy beat up hat and crazy beat up facial hair.

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