April 22, 2011

Cocktail Talk: Pearls Are a Nuisance, Take 2

You can read a little Raymond Chandler screed below, as well as more about the book this quote is take from, or you can just slip down a little less and get straight to the goods. This is from the second story in the collection, “Finger Man,” a story that stands as one of the first appearances of a well-known hard-boiled detective, Mr. Philip Marlowe, and may be the only time (that I can remember) he’s drinking tequila. Which I heartily approve of, by the way.

‘You don’t play?’ the bartender asked me.

‘Not on Tuesdays. I had some trouble on a Tuesday once.’

‘Yeah? Do you like that stuff straight, or would I smooth it out for you?’

‘Smooth it out with what?’ I said. ‘You got a wood rasp handy?’

He grinned. I drank a little more of the tequila and made a face.


Pearls Are A Nuisance, Raymond Chandler

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