June 17, 2014


Hello! Earlier, I wrote a little post about an event I did at Zinc Art + Interiors last Saturday. And the event was so awesome, I wanted to put up a couple snaps from it. First though, thanks to the wonderful Jesse and Laura and all the Zinc folks. They really do make the world fun:

zinc-1Saturday was certainly fun, as fine folks of all ages came by to look at art, taste some drinks, and have some laughs:

They had sweet stacks of books, too, right in front of where I was making the sips (with the help of Natalie – and the incredible Hulk and Batman paintings behind me):

Lots of folks came by, chatting about art, drinks, the news of the day, and comics:

Overall, it was a lovely evening, with good times (I believe) had by all the people who stopped by:

I certainly had a good time – thanks everybody!

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