November 12, 2008

Talking Cocktails at Cookthink

Okay, I’m a little behind on posting about this (it’s funny to say “I’m a little behind” though, since I do have a fair amount of junk in the trunk. It’s like Bruce Banner saying, “I get a little angry” or something), but a couple weeks ago I had an awesome experience carrying on a cocktail conversation via email at Cookthink (if you haven’t been visiting the Cookthink and you like eating and drinking, you, pal, are missing out). And if a cocktail conversation at a good site wasn’t enough to make me smile like a bartender on payday, the fact that the two people I was conversing with were Greg Boehm, the publisher of and the bubbly Mud Puddle Books, and Rob Chirico, the author of The Field Guide to Cocktails and writer of Cookthink’s Hair of the Dog column, made me sort-of giddy. We talked about drinks, cocktails, books, modern trends, the word “mixologist,” and a whole bar-load of other subjects any imbiber would be interested in reading more about. So, quit dallying–head on over and dive in to the Cocktails Rising.

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