February 4, 2014

It’s Not Too Late for Holiday Cocktails From Around the World

I know, it seems as if the holiday season has passed – and a while ago, at that. But let me tell you, it hasn’t! Because today is my birthday. Sure, you could, and should, buy me a drink or something as good, but if you can’t, at least have a drink in my honor. And make it a holiday drink – heck, make it a holiday drink from some exotic locale, celebrating my exoticness. Wait? You’re not sure of many exotic locale holiday drinks? Then let me help you by pointing you to this fun article I wrote on that very subject for the snazziest travel company in the world, TCS Expeditions. The piece is called Holidays on Ice: 5 Worldly Cocktails and, well, it’s full of fun things to sip over the holidays (which never stop, really).



October 4, 2013

Cocktail to Cocktail Hour V4, E2: The Aperol Spritz

Buon giorno cocktail fans, and fans of cocktail videos, and Italian fans, and fans of good drinks, and fans of good translations, and welcome all y’all to another episode of the Cocktail to Cocktail Hour, the world’s best cocktailunmentary show. This episode is extra special, as we have a guest who’s traveled all the way from Italy to share a special recipe with us. So, watch up, and ciao until next time.

PS: Special thanks to AK Translation Services for the immaculate translating.

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