March 12, 2010

Maker’s Mark: Not Just for Rich People Anymore

Make no mistakes ya mo’rons (I’m just saying “mo’rons” for alliteration by the way–I know you are Einsteins), I’m mad for Maker’s Mark bourbon. It’s an old standby for me, and something I consume on a regular basis, especially when in a dive-y lounge in the back of a Chinese restaurant you’d never eat in, or in a bar frequented by fishermen, or in a Karaoke dive that has a pirate theme. These are places I’m known and happy to be in, but not places where the bartender is gonna whip up some fancy cocktail–but where they will pour you a helluva stiff drink. In these spots, I usually head for the Maker’s and ginger ale (with a lime and some bitters when available), cause it’s a rock steady reliable consumable, or a nice Miller High Life (the Champagne of beers) and a little Maker’s on the rocks. Up until recently, I thought of Maker’s as the perfect mid-range bourbon, a longtime bourbon for the (drunken) people, a very democratic drink. And then I came across the below ad. I guess that I was wrong. Turns out Maker’s was at one time aimed at yachtsmen and fellas who think $50 isn’t much for a haircut. Thank gawd I was born once the bourbon market had found a lower level.

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phismi said:

Really wish I could drink the brown stuff. There’s something quintessentially American about a belt of bourbon (how’s that for alliteration?) that you don’t quite get from gin (my hero) or vodka (gin’s mostly reliable side-kick).

Also, when you ask for a bourbon you get bourbon. When you ask for a Gibson, you get the third degree.

admin said:

You know what’s funny–you seem like a bourbon drinker. You wear the hat, have that alley-fight physique, all of it. Maybe when you’re 50? And if anyone is giving you a Gibson 3rd degree let me know and we’ll start a boozy riot!

leslie said:

I can’t wait to spend some time with my old friend Makers Mark! I miss him so!

admin said:

Maker’s Mark misses you for Leslie. I was talking to it just the other night and it was all “dang, I can’t wait until Leslie drinks me again.” But, he was happy about you bringing a new Maker’s lover into the world and all.

PS: Is it weird we automatically call Maker’s Mark a “he?”

phismi said:

“alley-fight physique”? I knew there was a reason I liked you. Thank you for the gentle metaphor.

admin said:

If I’m in an alley, and get attacked (happens a lot), Phismi, I expect to see you come swooping in to save me.

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