August 10, 2010

Miller High Life: Champagne Only When Bottled?

I (as demonstrated before) love me some Miller High Life. One summer, my pal Joel and I used to have a 12-pack chilled for us to drink on the porch every night at 2 am once home from the bars. One other summer (this was before High Life had a little hipster resurgence, too), my pal Erik and I drove up from Chicago to the Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee and forced some sadsack salesperson to go into a back room and bring out a dusty box of High Life merch for us to wade through (we did buy a lot, admittedly). So, me and High Life have had a long and fruitful drunken relationship. And I’ve always referred to it, bottle, can, or keg, as the Champagne of beers. Now, the below ad is telling me that only bottles fit that description, and only uptight Wall Street types can drink said bottles, while working class chums are stuck with stinky ol’ cans and looking sadly at the privileged others. Damn, is even High Life stuck within some class-conscious vortex of suck? Or am I over-reacting? Should I just get a beer and go outside far away from corporate living and drink it and fill my talk hole with its golden goodness?

Ryan McElroy said:

I, sadly, have recently ended my love affair with High Life. Good times, though.

admin said:

Ryan, it’s just good to see you name on the bright lights of the blog. But you’re in KS–I would think a cold high life or comparable would be all that would get you through the 110 plus degree weather this time of year?

phismi said:

That’s clearly a look of derision on Joe Lunchpail’s face. As if he’s snorting “Champagne of bottle beer … yeah, if you’re a pussy.”

Though it is possible he’s actually just passed out.

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