November 30, 2011

Come to the Delancey Pantry and have an Italian Winter Cocktail Party with Me

Whew, that’s a long title. But I wanted to make sure to get it all in there, so you didn’t just skip over this post like the others (I kid, I kid. I hope). The title really says it all: I’m hosting a class at the amazing Delancey Pantry, and the focus/menu/tippliciousness is an Italian Winter Cocktail one. What does that mean? Sign up for the class and find out, cutie. I can tell you a little more. First, the Delancey Pantry is the coziest spot for sitting around a table drinking and making drinks that you can think of, or that I can think of (it’s behind the pizza awesomeness of the Delancey itself, in Ballard, WA). Second, the four drinks we’ll be making are: Sicilian Sling, Negroni, Hanky Panky, and the Cynartown. Third, the Pantry is at: 1417 NW 70th Street, Seattle, WA. Fourth, the class takes place on Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 7 pm. So, c’mon, sign up today and be a part of it all, Italian style.


PS: Even if you don’t sign up, check out the Delancey Pantry website. Isn’t it lovely? It was done by Mr. Sam T. Schick, who should probably redo your website, too.

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