December 14, 2011

Italian Holiday Cocktails in New York City

I just flew back from NYC (and boy are my arms tired. And yeah, I said that) a bit ago, after having the happening-est time teaching a class at the Institute for Culinary Education, and just have to jaw about it for minute (or a post). The focus of the class was Italian Holiday Cocktails, with four fantastico recipes being made by me and a class of fourteen cocktail-loving folks from the City of New York. The lineup of drinks was culled almost completely from Ginger Bliss and the Violet Fizz (which makes, if I may say so, a wonderful holiday gift) and included Spagliato, La Rana de Oro (or the Golden Frog), Ti Penso Sempre, and the historic Hanky Panky (the first in that list is actually from Champagne Cocktails, which also makes a heckuva gift). I meant to take pics of all of them, but was having too much fun, so I only have images for La Rana de Oro:

And a blurry shot of Ti Penso Sempre:

But wow, what a tasty night! And what a fantastic class, up for shaking, stirring, twisting, and laughing at my jokes and listening to my Italian stories. It was a sweet time, and if any attendees happen to read this post, thanks again for being so awesome to hang out with. Oh, wait, I have a great pic of the class, too–don’t they look fun:

PS: If this is making you want to take a class with me, the fine folks at the Delancey Pantry have added a second iteration of my Italian Winter Cocktails class there (which was mentioned in this post), on Saturday, February 11. You should sign up.

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