September 11, 2012

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch-Up

As I mentioned in an earlier post about Seattle Magazine, I’ve been doing some blogging there on the subject of drinks, drinking, drinkers, and pretty much everything bubbly and boozy that you’d expect. And now, for those who don’t read the Seattle Mag (which, by the way, you should even if you don’t live here in Seattle cause it’s all kinds of cool), I’m here to do a little wrap up, in bulleted fashion, of recent pieces, cause I know, I just know, that you don’t want to miss any of them:

•      Cocktails for Beginners: Because You Never Forget the First Time

•      Five Cocktail Recipes That Bring You Summer All Year Long

•      Five Back to School Cocktails

•      Essex Opens with a Host of Homemade Ingredients and Craft Cocktails

•      Five Olympics-inspired Cocktail Recipes

•      Five Refreshing Wine Cocktails

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