March 15, 2016

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch Up

Greenhorn WhiskeySpring has nearly sprung, or maybe is in mid-spring, though that could be mid-sprung-ing? Either or, things are budding, including my most recent blog posts for the swank Seattle magazine, which you probably already know, having read them all, right? RIGHT? Well, if not, there’s no need for shouting (that was just me kidding around). Read them now, before the web explodes**.

•    New Greenhorn Whiskey and Other Local Distillery News
•    Top Five Drinks for Celebrating a Birthday
•    Valentine’s Day Drink Picks from Seattle Bartenders
•    Support Your Local Female Bartenders at Speed Rack

*See all Seattle magazine posts by me

**This is not happening, and I don’t want to be the start of any “the web’s exploding” rumors for gosh sakes.

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