May 15, 2018

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch Up

  • Hey pals and friends and compatriots from here and there and everywhere. I’ve been having some fun on the funtastic Seattle Magazine lately, with a number of pieces talking about some swell spots here in the Emerald City and near to here. Not that I’m saying you’ve missed any of these, but just in case, check out the below:




March 15, 2016

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch Up

Greenhorn WhiskeySpring has nearly sprung, or maybe is in mid-spring, though that could be mid-sprung-ing? Either or, things are budding, including my most recent blog posts for the swank Seattle magazine, which you probably already know, having read them all, right? RIGHT? Well, if not, there’s no need for shouting (that was just me kidding around). Read them now, before the web explodes**.

•    New Greenhorn Whiskey and Other Local Distillery News
•    Top Five Drinks for Celebrating a Birthday
•    Valentine’s Day Drink Picks from Seattle Bartenders
•    Support Your Local Female Bartenders at Speed Rack

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**This is not happening, and I don’t want to be the start of any “the web’s exploding” rumors for gosh sakes.

July 7, 2015

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch Up

Hey hey party people! Guess what day it is? A great day! One of the days when I post right here, right now, a bunch of swell pieces I’ve recently done for the swell Seattle magazine, just in case you missed them when they came out. Which I know you probably wouldn’t do, but hey, just in case, I’m here for you. Check them out:

•        6 Seattle Bartenders Tell You What to Drink This Summer

•        Letterpress Distillery Releases Arancello

•        Herb & Bitter Public House set to Open in Early June

•        Seattle Cider Co. Releases Harvest Series & More Distillery News

•        3 Standouts at No. 6 Cider Taproom

•        Andrew Friedman on His New Bar Good Citizen

•        Poems + Drinks at 5 Seattle Bars

•        6 Washington Rums that Bring the Beach to You

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November 11, 2014

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch Up

Hey, lucky people! It’s your turn to browse a few fine pieces I wrote recently for the fine Seattle magazine. If you happened to miss them the first time around, well, now’s your chance for a fun first read. If you read them once already, well, the second time is usually even better. And don’t let me get started about the third.

•     5 Horrifically Tasty Halloween Drinks

•     5 Cocktails to Drink While Playing Video Games

•     Local Spirit Spotlight: Sidetrack Blueberry Liqueur

•     4 Appleicious Drinks for Fall

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July 22, 2014

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch Up

Hello – it’s summertime, which means it’s the perfect time to sit on down with the old computer in one hand and a drink in the other and spend some time browsing some of my recent Seattle magazine posts you might have missed. Heck, you wouldn’t want to miss any of the below, right?

•    4 Drinks That Pair Perfectly with Summertime Books
•    New Local Spirits and Liqueurs to Try this Summer
•    4 Drinks for Golfing
•    4 Drinks to Have While Missing the Sonics
•    Seattle Happy Hours: A.J. Rathbun Picks Four of His Favorites

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March 11, 2014

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch Up

It’s that time here on the Spiked Punch blog, where I unroll my latest blog posts for the Seattle magazine, in case you missed any and wanted to catch up (which would certainly make me happy and maybe you too). While some of these are attached to a particular time, the drinks within are good year round. Promise.

•    Four Drinks to Make for Your 2014 Oscars Party

•    Talking Vodka, Bacon Bloody Marys and Beyond with Reyka Vodka’s Daniel Brancusi

•    Four Delicious Drinks Perfect for Valentine’s Day

•    Five Fantastic First Date Bars

•    Super Seahawks Super Bowl Drinks

•    New Locally Made Spirits, Liqueurs and More

•    Super Small Seattle Bars

•    New Year’s Cocktail and Spirit Resolutions

October 8, 2013

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch-Up

It’s time to take a tipsy spin again through some fun-tastic recent posts I’ve written for the swell Seattle magazine, covering such topics as local bar and spirit news and the best places in Seattle to eat when you’re having jury duty (for those living here), and drinks to have when you’re tailgating or on a hayride, or when you want to think of summer (since it’s, well, sadly gone now).

•     Fall Spirit and Distillery News

•     Early Fall Bar News

•     Fall Cocktails Perfect for Hayrack Rides

•     The Best Places to Eat When You Have Jury Duty

•     Four Drinks for a Triumphant Tailgating Experience

•     Late Summer Wine Cocktails

•     Summer Sipper Recipes

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January 29, 2013

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch-Up

Hello young cocktail lovers.  As I’ve mentioned in past Seattle Magazine blog posts here on Spiked Punch, I write beyond this blog’s hallowed digital halls, specifically and mostly for Seattle Magazine (a blog post a week, the Bar Hop column, and more). In case you haven’t been visiting the mighty Seattle Magazine, shame on you. But not so much shame that I won’t point you to recent pieces I’ve written for them, in bulleted fashion:

•  Five Hot Drinks for Cold Winter Nights

•  Cocktail Home Remedies to Cure What Ails You

•  Two New Bars Opening and Other Drinking News

•  Bottled Resolutions: Five Spirits and Liqueurs to Try in 2013

•  Five Champagne Cocktails

•  Where to Drink with Relatives in Seattle

•  The People Have Spoken: Locals’ Favorite Bars and Cocktails

•  Give the Gift of Booze: Six Bottles That Will Impress Your Friends

PS: Want to see every single Seattle Magazine piece I’ve done? Check out the Seattle Magazine A.J. Rathbun page.

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